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San Juan, PR 00921

CariBeans is a Caribbean Lifestyle brand selling Specialty grade, single origin coffee, chocolate, cigars, and tropical living accessories from our home in San Juan, Puerto Rico.


Our Story

Okay, so here's the story...  


Man travels to the Caribbean.
               Man falls in love with the islands.
                              Man decides to stay and not come home.  Ever.

It's a true story of a guy who stumbled upon paradise, but it's certainly not a unique tale.  Actually, it's a tale as old as time itself and it's a dream that crosses the minds of countless tired souls across the planet.  The dream of leaving all of life’s worries behind and disappearing to a warm tropical island transcends every possible demographic, including age, gender, religion, and nationality.  That dream of escaping to paradise is what we at CariBeans call the “Caribbean Dream.”

Love and passion for the tropical island lifestyle inspired the founding of CariBeans and our vision is to share the best of tropical living with the world.  Life can be stressful and chaotic, but down in the islands, the waves keep breaking, the waterfalls keep flowing, and the parrots keep squawking.  The reggae music is always playing and the rum never runs out.  Whether it's the feel of the sand on your toes, the sight of exotic hidden beaches, the smell of coconut and lime, or the fantasy of pirate ships at sea, the Caribbean is where you can go to slow down and appreciate the wonders of the world and all the things in life that really matter. 

The CariBeans story is not just our story. 
It's everyone's story and our job is to make it your reality.