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San Juan, PR 00921

CariBeans is a Caribbean Lifestyle brand selling Specialty grade, single origin coffee, chocolate, cigars, and tropical living accessories from our home in San Juan, Puerto Rico.


Our Coffee

Our Coffee

100% Arabica Coffee // 100% Puerto Rican // Specialty Coffee
Single Origin // Handpicked // Sun-dried // Roasted to Perfection // Medium Roast

CariBeans was founded in Puerto Rico with the dream of sharing the best of tropical living with the world.  Known as “La Isla del Encanto” or The Enchanted Island, Puerto Rico’s warm Caribbean climate and lush tropical mountains make it ideal for producing the world’s greatest coffee.  From high up in La Cordillera Central mountains, we source our coffee from a single farm in the city of Utuado’s indigenous region of Caguana.  Our specialty coffee is made from 100% Arabica beans, handpicked, processed in an ecological mill, and gently roasted with passion for the art of coffee production throughout every step of the process. 

specialty coffee

Our partner farm, Café Gran Batey, has received numerous accolades in past years.  In May of 2017 CariBeans Coffee received a score of 87 from The Coffee Review. Check out the review HERE

Fair Trade

U.S. Federal labor regulations apply in Puerto Rico ensuring fair treatment and pay for all workers involved in production of America's finest coffee.

Passion for Coffee Production

Our coffee is made the right way every time.  The old way of coffee production includes processing in the Ecological Mill by Mr. Jose Morales and his wife Lotty at their family owned farm in the indigenous mountain region of Caguana in Utuado.


Our coffee is dried by the rays of the sun.  The time intensive process is more difficult but it allows the beans to dry at a natural pace so the many fine characteristics of the bean can flourish and ultimately a higher quality, better tasting bean is produced.



The labor intensive process of hand-picking ensures that each bean is selected only when it reaches the proper ripeness.  

Medium Roast

Roasted to Perfection means our coffee has not been overly scorched like so many coffees available today.  The Medium Roast brings out all the fine characteristics of every sip. 

freshly roasted

Our coffee is delivered on-demand from our farm ensuring that every bag we sell is as fresh as possible.

amazing taste

The flavor of CariBeans Coffee is unmistakably smooth with hints of chocolate and citrus and absent of any bitterness.

100% Arabica Coffee

Arabica coffee is harder to grow, lower on caffeine but full on flavor.

100% Puerto Rican

Puerto Rico is quickly becoming known around the world for its amazing coffee.  The climate is ideal for growing the greatest coffee in the world.

Single Origin

We have partnered with Café Gran Batey located in the indigenous region of Caguana in Utuado.  We never mix our coffee or use blends.  Every bag is authentic artisan coffee guaranteed.