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San Juan, PR 00921

CariBeans is a Caribbean Lifestyle brand selling Specialty grade, single origin coffee, chocolate, cigars, and tropical living accessories from our home in San Juan, Puerto Rico.


Puerto Rico - The Paradox

Ryan Cornwell

I have lived in Puerto Rico for almost three years now and I’ve completely fallen in love with the island and especially the island living lifestyle of the Caribbean.  It’s an amazing place with perfect weather, incredible people, and a fascinating history.  One of the most amazing things about Puerto Rico is how much of a paradox it is.  The island has a bizarre mixture of cultures and downright contradictions that exist side by side.  It’s an American territory and a domestic destination but also an exotic, foreign, and semiautonomous country.  It’s modern and advanced with great higher education institutions but it’s also old, stuck in the 1990’s, and has crumbling infrastructure.  The island is only 100 miles wide but it has both a dry desert and the only rain forest in the US national park system.  The people and the culture are forged from a mixture and history of Spanish conquistadors, the native Taínos, and African slaves.  Puerto Rico has both the filthy rich and the extremely poor, stunning natural scenery and the world’s most beautiful beaches but also liter and garbage piling up everywhere.  Puerto Rico is an amazing place with unlimited potential but it also has some serious problems.  Puerto Rico is a paradox.  Puerto Rico is truly La Isla del Encanto.