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San Juan, PR 00921

CariBeans is a Caribbean Lifestyle brand selling Specialty grade, single origin coffee, chocolate, cigars, and tropical living accessories from our home in San Juan, Puerto Rico.


Hecho en Puerto Rico = Made in America

Ryan Cornwell

We’ve received a lot of great feedback about our Hecho = Made stamp so we thought we should share a little background on the artwork and the inspiration for the design.

When I first discovered Puerto Rican coffee I was stunned that I had never heard of it before.  How could something so amazing be such a big secret?  The more research I did, the more I learned that even in the Specialty Coffee industry, few people know about Puerto Rican coffee.  The reality is that most Americans don’t know ANYTHING about Puerto Rico at all, and I can say this with confidence because I used to fall in that same category.

I felt like I hit gold with my discovery of Puerto Rican coffee and that I had a moral obligation to share my findings with the world.  We wanted to design a mark for our products that would proudly display their Puerto Rican origin but also educate people that PR is part of the US.  If something is “Hecho en Puerto Rico” it is also “Made in America.”

American consumers increasingly want to buy American made products but few draw the connection with Puerto Rico.  Our goal with the Hecho = Made stamp is to promote Puerto Rican products as domestic American made products.  Puerto Rico is America’s own backyard paradise and we hope to share its amazing products with the US and beyond.

We are happy to share the artwork so if you’re interested in using the Hecho = Made stamp please contact us at